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Legends, like spice, make our lives more savory.

More than 800 years ago, the place of which we speak was a valley. Ritual hunts and duels with huge bovines, trunks and aurochsen took place here. Not only did ordinary soldiers participate in such events, but medieval rulers of Lithuania themselves came to demonstrate their gratitude and gain the admiration of their subjects . Once, while observing two competing giants, Duke Šventaragis of Lithuania thought of a way to unite them. The Sanctuary ordered all the great men to be buried in one particular place after their deaths. “We are one family and we have to burn in one fireplace,” he said. Since then, the area near the confluence of Vilnelė and Neris is called the Valley of Šventaragis in his honor.

Today, Gediminas Hill, Cathedral of Vilnius, and the belfry all reside in this area along with “Šventaragio sodas”, which nurtures the values ​​of the old Baltic cuisine.

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