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Restaurant in Vilnius Šventaragio sodas

The main engine of human existence is not hunger, but the desire to know.

Restaurant in Vilnius Šventaragio sodas can accommodate more than 100 people inside and the same amount on the outdoor terrace. Where the the golden sun-shaded Vilnius Cathedral stands before the eyes and right where every hour the bell tower tolls you back to the present.

It is a historical place where a new story is written daily in the memories of both our guests and our chef Gintautas Pleskačiauskas. The restaurant cherishes the old Baltic cuisine, adapted to the contemporary taste.

We invite you to celebrate the holidays that are important to you in “Šventaragio sodas” and to accompany the city on the day of the busy, good, loving, food and attentive service.

Events. An exceptionally spacious restaurant located in the best place in Vilnius can be the venue for your event or celebration.

Groups. The restaurant’s dishes are prepared in three kitchens, so we are quick and able to serve large groups of guests with the right amount of food. Pre-booking is required.

Open kitchen. Some dishes are prepared in an open kitchen, and the guests of the restaurant may enjoy this sight.

Interior. The environment we eat in has no less of an impact than the food we choose. Man has been resting in nature since ancient times, and that is why in “Šventaragio sodas”you will be surrounded by greenery. The restaurant’s environment is formed from islets of the year-round plants, while awall of live herbs can become an ingredient for your tea or salad.

Restaurant in Vilnius Cherishing Old Baltic Cuisine

Baltic cuisine was never scarce, but throughout different historical periods, it would awe with its unique and exceptional dishes: with duck roasted according to the recipes of the noblemen family of Radvilos, dumplings of the Tiškevičiai family, elaborate italian meals of dutchess Bona Sforca or heritage polish cuisine: satisfying meat dishes or kaplūnai (roosters grown and fed in a specific manner).

Food in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was either grown on the property of noblemen or brought from foreign countries. Yet the essential products (meat and various plants) were produced in the agricultural estates of boyars. The people of that time enjoyed dishes from wheat, rye, oats, barley, buckwheat, millet and various legumes (peas, beans, lentils). Yet their tables always had space for meat, the variety of which was quite wide: pork, chevon and mutton, beef and goose – it all depended on the whims of the lords. And of course, the one thing inseparable from Baltic cuisine of ages past is game (auroch, boar, venison, moose) and wild fowl (partridges, wood and black grouses). Since one of the favorite activities of ancient Baltic people was hunting, the various game would inevitably become a crown jewel of the dinner table.

Of course, Baltic dishes are difficult to imagine without assorted vegetables, such as cucumbers, beetroot, carrots and radishes. The dishes must also be seasoned with delicious spices: garlic, onion, horseradish, caraway, marjoram, leek, parsley, mustard or thyme.

Old Baltic cuisine is diverse, luxurious and satisfying. The restaurant Šventaragio sodas in Vilnius invites you to experience the combination of culinary affluence and pleasure from ages past.


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